Doing a bathroom remodel right requires you to have a vision of what you want and the skill to make it happen. A modern style can add value, enjoyment, and a cohesive balance to a freshly updated bathroom with clean lines and sleek features, these six modern design ideas can turn any remodel into a stylish retreat for your Las Vegas home.

  1. Natural Materials
  2. Geometric Shapes
  3. Neutral Colors
  4. Wet Rooms
  5. Bold Accents
  6. Good Lighting

1. Bring It Back To Nature

Incorporating natural materials is one of the pillars of modern design. Installing features like a floating wooden vanity, polished metal fixtures, or luxurious marble flooring are popular when converting a traditional bathroom to a clean, modern aesthetic. Mixing and matching different materials can allow you to blend spaces or create focal points around the room.

2. Build Beautiful Space With Simple Shapes

Smooth geometric shapes that outline the items in your room help to extend these modern bathroom ideas. From frameless mirrors to circular wall-mounted sinks to a curved free-standing bathtub, these elegant shapes give a polished look to your newly minted bathroom.

Another popular modern feature is a mosaic. In many master bathroom ideas, you’ll find shower walls or backsplashes done in mosaic tiles. The tiles can be basic rectangles or something more interesting, like octagons or organic, pebble-like shapes.

3. Keep It Neutral

A neutral color palette can be brought to life by subtle details without taking away from its calming and inviting qualities. You can find unique textures in pebbled floors, metallic porcelain tiles, and natural wood cabinetry in various neutral shades to create a stunning design.

4. Create A Wet Room

Though modern bathrooms of any size can use an open floor plan, some remodeling contractors suggest it as the starting point for most small modern bathroom ideas. A trendy open floor plan called the “wet room” leaves the shower open to the rest of the bathroom with little to no separation to create a continuous space that takes advantage of every inch. Wet rooms, by nature, demand the use of water-resistant materials like porcelain, glass, and teak wood.

5. A Bold Accent Is Golden

Modern design sometimes favors small but striking accents and statement pieces. These accents are also great for adding luxury touches without breaking your budget. Golden brass hardware is popular because it pairs well with neutral color palettes in addition to classic white and matte black.

A unique light fixture can also elevate any bathroom, from a vintage glass vanity to a pair of gilded sconces to a bold pendant light on a high ceiling; they are an excellent choice for your gorgeous new bathroom.

6. Let The Light Shine Through

Take advantage of natural light as much as possible to create a bright, airy feel that compliments these modern bathroom ideas. A wall-sized window that opens the room to the surrounding landscape, a large bay window framed around a bathtub, or multiple skylights for more privacy will flood the bathroom with nature and sunlight.

Bathrooms with limited or no windows can still benefit from well-placed mirrors, reflective surfaces, and light colors to bounce artificial light around the room. Glass shower stalls and transparent furnishings can also create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.

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