At Dream Construction in Las Vegas, Nevada, we look forward to helping you enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces with beautiful balcoy construction. Bringing the romance of a balcony to your home creates an open and inviting environment. As your Las Vegas custom balcony builders, we can help you choose the right materials and proportions to enhance your unique space.

Custom Indoor Balcony Choices

There are many things to consider when adding a new balcony to your home. You want to be sure the overall design, structure, and materials fit in with your home’s style. A sleek rectangular glass or steel balcony will look out of place if your home is rustic or traditional. Likewise, a curved balcony with ornate railings or molding might seem out of place if your home is more on the modern minimalist side. Choosing balcony railings and materials can seem overwhelming. We can help you choose the perfect balcony design to blend with the style and structure of your residence. If you have already visualized the balcony you want, we will make it happen.

Design Ideas For Outdoor Balconies

A traditional, large rectangular balcony extends your living and dining areas outside and takes full advantage of your view. Or perhaps you would prefer a small curved or rectangular balcony for standing, sitting or even dining. In any case, here are some design ideas to create the balcony that is perfect for your lifestyle.

  • Outdoor kitchen, seating, and dining areas for convenience.
  • Glass railings to enhance your view of nature or skyline.
  • Ornate wrought iron railings for flare.
  • Wood and curved spindle railings for warmth.
  • Green balcony with dwarf trees, plants, trellis and a water wall
  • Decorative screening, latticework or bamboo trees for privacy.
  • Lounging area for sun lovers.
  • Gabled roof extensions for covered or recessed balconies.
  • Glass or grid flooring to retain light for the room below.

Design Ideas For Indoor Balconies

An indoor balcony usually overlooks the main floor and gives your home the flair of an open and airy look. It may be large or small, rectangular or curved, or a combination of both. Railings and stairways are essential elements of your indoor balcony. Following are some balcony design ideas to enhance the interior décor of your home and make it your own:

  • Ornate Wrought Iron Railing
  • Painted Or Stained Railing
  • Curved Railing
  • Chrome And Glass Railing
  • Large Wrap Around Balcony
  • Small Or Juliette Style Balcony
  • Half-Wall balcony
  • Curved Staircases
  • Hidden Staircases

Your Las Vegas Custom Balcony Builders

Whether you want to add a balcony to your current Las Vegas area home or incorporate it into your new house design, call Dream Construction today for an appointment. Let us guide you from start to finish in building a beautiful and functional balcony. We look forward to hearing from you.