Bathroom Remodeling

We specialize in luxurious and functional bathroom remodeling for homeowners throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your master bathroom into a spa-like retreat or modernize a guest bathroom, the experienced Dream Construction team is here to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

Custom Bathroom Styles For Modern Living

Skip fumbling around every morning in a cramped space to prepare for work or school. A complete bathroom remodel lets you decide on space arrangements to best fit your needs or aesthetic values. We plan each bathroom remodeling project to meet your unique needs and preferences. From spacious layouts to stylish fixtures, we’ll work with you to create a space that’s both beautiful and functional.

  • Built-In Cabinets: Maximize storage space with custom-built cabinets that blend seamlessly with your bathroom’s design.
  • Custom Vanities: Create a personalized vanity area with custom cabinetry, countertops, and sinks.
  • Floating Shelves: Add a modern touch to your bathroom with floating shelves for storage and display.
  • Changing The Layout: Reconfigure your bathroom’s layout to create a more efficient and spacious space.

We put our expertise to work on each professional remodeling build from beginning to end.

Bath Remodel
Bath Remodel Tub

One-Of-A-Kind Bathroom Remodels

Why stop at a custom tub and shower? The sky is the limit when you choose custom bathroom remodeling with us. You can unleash your creativity and design a bathroom that truly reflects your style.

Accessibility Designed With Your Comfort In Mind

Your bathroom should be a safe and comfortable space for everyone in your household. Our designers and builders will work with you to create an accessible bathroom that meets your specific convenience, safety, and mobility needs, stylishly.

  • Built-In Grab Bars
  • Chair-Height Toilets
  • Walk-In Tub Installation
  • Shower Benches & Chairs
  • Slip-Proof Floors & Mats
  • Anti-Scald Faucet Valves
  • Hand-Held Shower Heads

A Bathroom Upgrade That Lasts

Our bathroom remodels can both update your space and make it safe and sound for decades to come. Planning to age-in-place? We help you select features and materials that will last for however long you need them to. We can also help you create an environmentally friendly bathroom to fit your eco-conscious lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for sleek granite countertops, smart home integration, or the latest in energy smart fixtures and appliances, we can help you with all kinds of ideas and considerations.

  • Water-Efficient Fixtures
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances & Fixtures
  • Lifetime Warranties
  • Durable Finishes
  • Adequate Ventilation & Lighting
  • Professional Installation

The Price of Paradise: Bathroom Remodel Costs

Bathroom remodels are a chance to transform your daily routine into a spa-like escape, but before the first tile is laid, the question on everyone’s mind is “how much will it cost?”. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, the average cost for a Las Vegas bathroom remodel falls between $12,500 and $17,900. But like a Vegas buffet, the options are endless, and so are the costs.

  • Size Matters: A powder room refresh will be lighter on the wallet than a master suite oasis. Expect costs to increase with square footage.
  • Material Marvels: From budget-friendly tile to luxurious marble, your material choices significantly impact the price tag. Remember, quality often comes at a premium.
  • Fixtures & Features: Soaking in a freestanding tub adds a wow factor, but also adds to the cost. Showers, vanities, toilets – each element contributes to the overall price.
  • Demolition & Relocation: Moving plumbing or electrical lines? Expect additional costs.
  • Labor & Expertise: Experienced contractors ensure quality, but their expertise often comes with a higher price tag.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t forget permits and unexpected challenges that can arise during any remodel. Factor in a 10-20% buffer for peace of mind.


When it comes to bathroom remodels, several styles stand out for their popularity and timeless appeal. 

  • The modern bathroom style is characterized by sleek lines, minimalistic fixtures, and a neutral color palette, often featuring elements like floating vanities and frameless glass showers. 
  • Traditional bathroom style embraces classic design elements such as ornate fixtures, clawfoot tubs, and a warm, inviting color scheme. 
  • Farmhouse bathrooms have also gained traction, with their rustic charm, featuring shiplap walls, vintage details, and a mix of metal and wood finishes. 
  • Spa-inspired bathrooms offer a serene atmosphere with natural materials, jetted tubs, and rain showers. 

Investing In Yourself: How Much Should You Spend?

Ultimately, the ideal budget is a personal decision. Remember, a well-planned remodel can be an investment in your well-being and property value.

  • Your Priorities: What features are most important to you?
  • Home Value: A luxurious remodel can boost your home’s value significantly.
  • Return On Investment: Weigh the cost against the long-term enjoyment and potential resale value.

The Bathroom Contractor You Need

Our bathroom remodeling contractors have over 20 years of experience in helping clients like you find the right features to keep you comfortable and organized. Hidden tank toilets, handicapped shower chairs and features for aging adults, convenient storage, and walk-in bathtubs are some of the many ways to achieve a custom bathroom remodel unique to you and your needs.

Full-Service Bathroom Remodeling Company In Las Vegas

Contact Dream Construction to schedule a consultation and discuss your bathroom remodeling project in Las Vegas. Our team of experienced bathroom remodelers are ready to help you create the bathroom of your dreams – a space that’s both beautiful and functional.