Whether you’re planning to renovate the master bathroom or add a powder room, here are some hot trends for 2022 that you should consider.

  • Stylish Storage
  • Bold Stone
  • Cozy Design Elements
  • Shower Feature Walls
  • Freestanding Tubs

Stylish Storage

Towers, shelves, and other types of visible storage are growing in popularity. They allow homeowners to display their towels, linens, and nice-looking necessities openly. It’s ideal for a small bathroom as more varied options enable the designer to maximize limited space.

Bold Stone

2022 encourages the general contractor to make more daring choices in the bathroom, especially with stone. It’s used for walls and floors in and out of the shower. It comes in richer colors, such as onyx black and malachite green.

Thick, chunky countertops are becoming more popular. People are tired of fake drawers hiding the sink’s bare plumbing. So designers opt to show off more of the slab while accomplishing the same task.

Cozy Design Elements

Designers and homeowners want bathrooms that are visibly integrated into the rest of the home. The trend is to create spaces that feel more like living rooms or extensions of the bathroom rather than just a place to do your business.

Few things exude coziness, like a fireplace. They also act as space heaters in perpetually chilly bathrooms.

Organic Materials

A significant theme for general contractors in 2022 is connecting to nature throughout the home. For bathrooms, this means incorporating organic materials, like handmade and zellige tiles, alongside the usual stone. You’ll also find more space for potted plants to take up residence around sinks and tubs.

Shower Feature Walls

While designers eagerly embrace color, some homeowners are hesitant about giving up their all-white bathrooms. One way to bridge this gap is to create a feature wall in the shower. Large-format porcelain tiles are a popular material that is often trimmed to resemble cut gemstones.

Freestanding Tubs

A freestanding tub makes a stunning centerpiece in any bathroom, so it’s little wonder that they’re growing in popularity. However, designers are moving away from the white stone and resin we saw in years past. Expect more statement colors, metallic finishes, and even exotic materials (like teak) in 2022.

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