Forget quarantine and gym closures – start working out in your custom home gym uniquely designed and built for you by Dream Construction of Las Vegas. Exercising at home no longer means putting a few free weights and a step platform in the corner of your living room or shoving an exercise bike in your bedroom corner. Imagine a large, professionally designed space customized with stations to meet all your fitness needs.

The Joy Of Working “In”

Creating a home-based workout environment enables you to stay safe and save time. You can stay home and work “in” not “out.” Imagine no longer having to fight Las Vegas traffic several times a week just for the sake of working out. You won’t have to wait for your favorite machine to free up or wipe somebody else’s sweat and germs off the equipment before you use it.

Customizing Your Home Gym

Design a family-friendly space with zones to accommodate individual interests. Here are just a few home gym ideas that our general contractors can help you achieve, whether remodeling an existing room or building an addition.

  • Micro Dance Or Gymnastics Studio. Does someone in your family love to dance or do gymnastics? Include a mirror wall, a small dance floor with a built-in barre, a floor exercise area, and a balance beam.
  • Yoga Or Pilates Studio. Traditional yoga doesn’t need a lot of equipment outside of a peaceful atmosphere and good quality mats, but consider adding a hot yoga dome or aerial yoga hookups to help you develop your core.
  • Martial Arts Dojo. Add non-slip flooring, a heavy bag for punches and kicks, and storage for your gloves, sparring gear, re-breakable boards, and other equipment.
  • Traditional Equipment. Today’s home gym equipment is on par with what you use every day at your favorite gym. Add built-in storage solutions for free weights. Make more room for squat bars, treadmills, and stationary bikes.
  • Workout Tech. Install wiring and plumbing for big-screen TVs,
    stereo systems, ceiling fans, showers, and saunas.

We Are In The Business Of Constructing Dreams

Dream Construction in Las Vegas is a luxury home builder that can bring your home gym ideas to a stunning reality. You tell us what kind of workout space you want; we can deliver it. Call us today to find out how to get started on your new dream gym.