You want to upgrade or update the bedrooms in your home or make sure your new custom home has all the features you want and need. Should you go for a master bedroom or the ultimate master suite? What is the difference?

Learn more, so you know what to look for and ask your general contractor or custom luxury home builder for.

Master Bedroom Features

Even though there is no set definition of a master bedroom, it’s usually the largest or “best” bedroom in the house. It usually has the best view, is located in the best spot in the home, and can sleep the most people. A bathroom may or may not be included or attached to the room.

  • A large room with plenty of space for your furniture.
  • A larger closet, possibly two.
  • A doorknob that locks from the inside.
  • A bathroom, may or may not be en-suite.

Master Suite Features

Your master suite is typically an upgraded version of a master bedroom. It will include everything a master bedroom has and more. In addition to the en-suite bathroom, which is usually designed for two people, several other features commonly come with a master suite.

  • Large, En-Suite Bathroom For Two
  • Walk-In Closet For Two
  • A Sitting Area

Master Bedroom Remodeling

When you work with an experienced construction or remodeling company, the skies the limit. As a luxury home builder, Dream Construction can guide you through every step of your master bedroom remodel, from design to build to all the finishing touches. Construction, general contracting for plumbing, paint, and electrical – we do it all.

Luxury Updates & Upgrades To Consider

That means you can make this room the most luxurious and comfortable room in your home, or add extra features that aren’t standard. Get an extra-large spa tub, two separate walk-in closets, your own personal veranda to lounge on. You can also opt for multiple masters.

  • Wet Bar
  • A Foyer Area
  • Fireplace
  • Linen Closet
  • Office Area
  • Balconies

Master Bedroom Remodels In Las Vegas

If you are thinking about renovating your home in Las Vegas, personalize your luxury upgrades to meet your needs, including the ultimate master bedroom remodel. By working with Dream Construction, you can remodel your existing home or start from scratch and build a new Las Vegas home with your dream bedroom or master suite. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.