Create the ultimate home safety plan with safe room construction by Dream Construction in Las Vegas. Let’s face it. Houses with hidden secrets are undeniably cool. Yet, with crime on the rise across America, more families are asking general contractors to build secret spaces to hide their valuables. Before disaster comes knocking, you should seriously consider adding a safe room.

  • Bulletproof & Shockproof Doors, Walls & Floors
  • Strong Steel Plates, Cinder Blocks, Concrete & Ballistic Fiberglass
  • A Place To Store Weapons, Valuables & Survival Gear
  • Built-In Security System With Surveillance Cameras

What Are Safe Rooms?

Also called strong or panic rooms, these fortified spaces are built to shelter you, your valuables, and your family during a home invasion. They also provide excellent protection from natural disasters. Safe rooms can take the form of a reinforced closet, a converted bedroom hidden behind a false wall, or even an underground bunker.

Make Your Panic Room Luxurious

Give your secret room a unique twist. Instead of walking behind a false wall, choose a staircase that drops down from the ceiling or an entry mechanism disguised as a book on a shelf. The kinds of tricks talented construction companies can pull off puts safe rooms straight out of the movies within your reach.

Fantastic Features To Upgrade Your Peace Of Mind

Choose a space you can regularly use, just with extra security features like bulletproof windows and flood-resistant walls. With the right renovations, any room can serve double duty: a home office, bedroom, kids’ playroom, or Speakeasy-style lounge.

  • Infrared Surveillance Systems
  • Independent Communication Lines, Ham Radio & Cell Phone Boosters
  • Bathroom With Flushing Toilets & Shower
  • Soundproof Coatings To Prevent Eavesdropping
  • HVAC With Air Filtration Units To Prevent Gas Attacks
  • Biometric Entry Locks
  • Kitchen
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Escape Tunnels
  • Backup Generators
  • Kevlar Lining

How A Custom Home Builder Can Help

A panic room’s success is measured by its ability to camouflage itself — both in the floor plan and your finished home. Our architects can strategically cut spare bedrooms or a few closets to free up space for this secret place. Our engineers will need to design around the safe room to ensure the walls and floors can support the weight of its reinforcement materials.

Our design-build team will also ensure it fits into the rest of your house, structurally and aesthetically.

Talk With A Las Vegas Home Builder Today

In today’s unpredictable world, it’s wise to develop a plan before anything terrible happens. If you’re building a custom luxury home in Las Vegas or planning a major remodel of your current Nevada home, contact Dream Construction. We can add a safe room into your blueprints and future house that will grant you and your family peace of mind.