Building single-story custom homes in Las Vegas is exciting when you partner up with the custom home builder team at Dream Construction. Crafting custom designed luxury homes from the ground up is our specialty.

Choosing a new single story house has many benefits.

  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • More Open Communal Areas
  • Arranging Furniture Is Faster
  • No Cumberson Stairclimbing
  • Expanding Is Easy

Easier To Navigate Accommodation

There will always be a market for your home as people age and prefer to keep things on one level. Even if you’re not in a wheelchair or needing handicapped accessible housing, building a one-story house is economically a smart investment.

One day you may have to entertain or assist a family member who requires help to get around. Getting to the restroom, or guest bedroom can be a daunting task if walking up stairs is difficult.

More Affordable Energy Bills

Two story plus houses can be more expensive than a one-story home to heat and cool, especially here in Las Vegas. In your luxury single story home, you don’t have to worry about the temperature upstairs.

Impress With High Ceilings & Open Spaces

Our custom home construction team can help you with all the details that make a house perfect for your taste and lifestyle. Choose vaulted ceilings and large bays of windows for the ultimate feeling of spaciousness.

Bright and expansive floor plans make way for generous living spaces that flow from one room to another naturally.

Clean & Decorate With Ease

If you dislike walking up and down stairs carrying baskets of laundry and moving heavy furniture from one floor to the next, a single story house may be the home that works best for you. Who really enjoys vacuuming the stairs anyway?

When you have a one-story house, you save time on chores and protect your back from the labor of lifting heavy home decor.

Your Las Vegas Single-Story Pros

Contact us today with your desired specifications and fun details. At Dream Construction of Las Vegas, we look forward to being your custom single-story home builder. Our design and build team can make your first home or retirement space a house many can only dream of.