Do you like the look of adobe style homes, and relish the idea of modern convenience? Then, at Dream Construction of Las Vegas, we can build you a luxury custom home in the Southwestern Style of architecture. See what makes this type of design right for you.

  • Typically One Story Or Stepped Multistory
  • Wood, Brick, Stone & Stucco Materials
  • Irregularly Places Windows
  • Roughly Plastered Textures
  • Earthy Tones Throughout
  • Red Tile Or Flat Roofs
  • Irregular Parapets
  • Rounded Corners
  • Use Of Arches
  • Long Porches
  • Adobe Look
  • Thick Walls

Modern Desert Home Styles

Southwestern Style homes are known by many different names in the house design world. Pueblo Revival Style, Adobe Style, and even the most recent Modern Desert Architecture. No matter what you call them, these adobe style homes share a New Mexico mission look.

Architecture Made For Vegas

Red, orange, yellow, and brown clay tones, give way to rustic wood and metal accents. The warm, natural look of Southwestern architecture helps it blend right into our Nevada desert environments. The design keeps both the site and temperature in mind and builds to both.

Blending Southwestern Style With Your Style

When you count on a luxury home builder to call on this look, however, simplicity is only in appearances. Each modern custom home has all the perks you desire. You might choose luxurious courtyards and patios, cool and shady interiors, and extensive gardens.

Modern, Elegant & Environmentally Friendly

Everything about Southwestern Style architecture takes the environment into account. This is a truly green style of home. Your custom home can look like it was hewn right out of the rocks and clay of Las Vegas, Arizona or New Mexico. Heavy wood doors, exposed ceiling beams, and brick or terra cotta tile floors complete the rustic picture of modern desert luxury.

Your Las Vegas Southwestern Style Home Builder

Blur the lines between indoors and out and take advantage of the desert life beyond our mostly sunny days by blending into the landscape in a very standout way. Choose a custom luxury Southwestern Style home by Dream Construction. Subtle, earthy, peaceful adobe or a villa look with guests enjoying your outdoor spaces as well as the indoors. When you choose custom-built, the choice is yours.

Contact us today to come one step closer to your dream home in the desert.