Build a new home or remodel your current one to have two master bedrooms with Dream Construction, a luxury home builder in Las Vegas, Nevada. The demand for dual master bedroom suites has consistently grown for a variety of reasons. If you plan to share the house with a friend, multiple generations of your family live together, or you and your spouse choose to sleep apart, having a second master suite can help everyone under your roof live better, more comfortable lives.

Benefits Of Dual Master Bedrooms

When home builders talk about dual master suites, they don’t mean just a second bedroom with an en-suite bath. They’re talking about two spacious master bedrooms with all of the options, like a walk-in closet and a soaking tub in the bathroom. With equally comfortable and private spaces, everybody wins.

  • Two equally luxurious master suites make it easier to buy or share a home with a friend since neither of you has to settle on a smaller bedroom.
  • They’re perfect for couples who sleep apart because of different sleeping habits, work schedules, or medical issues like snoring or insomnia.
  • They make excellent in-law suites and private spaces for adult children, making multi-generational living easier for the whole family.
  • Whoever uses your spare room can personalize the space to fit their needs and design tastes — from decor and furniture to bathroom upgrades and small appliances.
  • Offer frequent guests plenty of space to relax, a private bathroom, and a closet big enough to fit all of their luggage.
  • When you no longer need the second master suite as a bedroom, you can use it as a flex room or rent it out.

The Custom Home Builder Benefit

You’ll generally find two complete master bedrooms in large, high-end homes that have the raw square footage they require. Whether you’re interested in remodeling your current home or building a new one from the ground up, fitting two master suites within the constraints of your budget and lot requires the expertise of an experienced custom home builder.

Our efficient design-build construction process makes it easy for you to get what you need and the luxury upgrades you want with fewer headaches and delays.

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