Who do you hire when it’s time for repairs, updates, or to plan your dream house? Believe it or not, there are five primary types of residential Las Vegas contractors for you to consider: custom home builders, home addition contractors, remodeling contractors, restoration experts, and trade-specific contractors. Here are some key considerations and differences between them to help you make the right decision. Keep in mind, each contractor type offers unique services.

Need A Design Team & Builder? Call A Custom Home Builder.

Most true custom home builder companies have a complete design team along with architects and staff to complete the build. They will be able to assist with everything from the bottom up – the layout, the construction, and even have interior design specialists on board for the ultimate design and build experience.

Las Vegas Contractors For Room Additions

Home addition contractors are construction specialists that often fall within the category of design-build and custom home builders. It’s not unusual for home addition contractors to not have a design team. You may need to hire an architect or design team separate

Residential Remodeling Contractors For Interior Changes

Home remodeling contractors are general contractors that offer services for intensive structural changes like wall removal. Most of these professionals lean more towards bathroom and kitchen remodels or more simple interior changes.

Your Las Vegas remodelers may have a design team on board, but many do not.

Home Restoration Contractors

Restoration varies dramatically from standard remodeling or renovation construction. Restoration professionals specialize in repairing the damage that often results from floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

These experts tend to be highly skilled at both restoring spaces and dealing with insurance companies as a mediator for homeowners.

Trade-Specific Residential Service Contractors

There are several types of residential contractor services that are trade-specific. For example, an electrician specializes in installing and repairing electrical outlets and dealing with wiring and other related issues. Plumbers handle sinks, tubs, toilets, sprinkler systems, and all things water-related.

In general, it’s best to call the right people for these jobs, and they are regularly certified or licensed within their trade specialty.

Hire Construction & General Contracting In Las Vegas

Here at Dream Construction, we take pride in being top-notch custom home builders, remodeling experts, and we also offer general contractor services in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out our stellar reviews and see a few of our projects. Then, contact us to discuss your project and arrange for a personalized custom quote.