Work with a custom home builder to determine your needs for your future house. For example, you can prepare for the growth of your family by purchasing a large lot with space for more bedrooms. Additionally, the team at Dream Construction in Las Vegas can help you brainstorm ways to add garage space or features that will support you as you age. What else will you need as you expand your family or get older?

Create Homes With Room To Grow

Grow-with-me homes provide the freedom to adapt to your family’s changing needs. Versatile floor plans, including open-concept designs, are perfect for families with evolving needs. You don’t need a crystal ball to know how much space you’ll need to house new additions and aging family members. Instead, work with a custom home builder to incorporate bonus rooms and open areas you can transform.

Calculating The Number Of Rooms For The Future

Grow-with-me homes have many rooms to meet your needs at every stage of life. Of course, you’ll need a functional kitchen and inviting living area, but what other rooms will your dream home have? Here are a few must-have spaces for multigenerational or growing families:

Will Your Family Have Enough Space?

Little kids quickly become big kids who need room to store toys, clothes, shoes, and other items. Plus, you’ll want to store high chairs, strollers, and other equipment if you decide to have more kids. Our design consultants can help you design a home with plenty of storage space for your current and future family members.

Winning Strategies In Grow-With-Me Home Design

When properly designed, your home will have plenty of multipurpose spaces. Turn your home office into a guest bedroom, or make it a music room for your budding musicians. Here are a few other ideas that you might want to include when you build a home for future needs:

  • Make sure you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms for family members and guests.
  • Don’t skimp on storage. The more people you have in your home, the more belongings you will accumulate.
  • Add dividers in large rooms so that you can customize the space as needed.
  • You can’t develop new hobbies if you don’t have the space to store equipment and supplies.

Growing Old In Your Home

As you age, it’s important to make your home more accessible. Consider automating faucets, lights, and doors to eliminate obstacles and simplify life. Grab bars in the bathrooms, wide halls that accommodate wheelchairs, and other features will help you maintain your independence and stay in your home.

Are You Ready To Build A Home For Future Needs?

Work with our reputable general contractors at Dream Construction to determine what your future home should look like. Homes with room to grow give you the most bang for your buck by easily transforming to meet your family’s needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Las Vegas, NV.