Once you’ve decided to build your own house, it’s time to choose whether to work with a production builder or a custom builder. Both types of construction companies fill distinct niches in the marketplace. Your final decision will be based primarily on your budget, needs, and desires.

What’s The Difference Between Custom & Production Builders?

Production builders provide affordable homes to millions of Americans by building the same basic house over and over. In contrast, custom builders build unique homes for each client, often on land, the homeowner has already purchased.

Unique Vegas Valley Homes Of All Sizes & Styles

Many people imagine large, multi-story mansions when they think of custom homes. The truth is that custom homes are available at all price points — from luxury cottages to unique, ranch-style houses.

There are several ways that the extra cost of going custom is a worthwhile investment.

  • You can supply a floor plan or commission a set of floor plans drawn from scratch.
  • Choosing a design-build contractor streamlines the process by offering architectural and construction services.
  • Custom home builders prioritize an excellent buyer experience.
  • Purpose-built homes virtually eliminate the need for future remodels.
  • High-quality craftsmanship offers long-term savings on future renovations.
  • Personalize all of your home’s features, finishes, and materials.
  • Build on almost any plot of land you can buy or acquire.

The Limits Of Tract Homes & Production Builds

As a typical production home buyer, you’ll choose from a handful of plans that offer a few personalization options, each at additional cost. In the end, you give up control over the majority of the finished product, including aesthetics, location, and craftsmanship.

Luxury Homes Designed For You

Custom houses are typically designed from scratch as a collaborative effort between the architect, general contractor, and you. A vast number of choices open up to you, the buyer, allowing you to personalize your ideal living space down to the tiniest details.

Custom Home Builder Advantages

Custom home builders see a house as a carefully engineered work of art rather than a product to be sold. They attract skilled subcontractors who are equally devoted to their crafts and quality workmanship.

Get In Touch With A Las Vegas Luxury Home Builder

When shopping for a new house in Las Vegas, it can feel like we’re living in an age of dull, cookie-cutter sameness. Stand out with a quality-built custom home. Why settle for a standard set of one-size-fits-all amenities when you can design the perfect complement to your lifestyle.

Experience the custom home difference. If you’re interested in a luxury home, book a consultation with us at Dream Construction today.