Choosing the best time to remodel a home isn’t as simple as you think. Spring and summer are the most popular times to start renovations, whether good or bad. While colder months bring advantages, your project’s logistics may demand warmer worker conditions. Once you start planning your remodel, you’ll quickly realize that choosing the best time to start depends on far more than the weather forecast.

Can I Remodel In The Spring?

As spring returns and the weather becomes nicer, the demand for remodeling contractors grows. Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition, including significant repairs, replacing windows, and adding insulation. Spring is an ideal time to build a new deck or patio. Early spring is also a great time to start your dream addition since your contractor will have the entire construction to work on it.

Pros Of A Spring Renovation

  • Your contractor can finish decks, patios, and outdoor spaces in time for summer.
  • Spring generally has temperate weather and mild temperatures, with the fewest days of extreme heat or cold.
  • Newly thawed ground is softer and easier to build on.

Cons Of Booking A Remodel In The Spring

  • There’s a greater chance of orders getting delayed or mixed up when every local contractor simultaneously orders the same supplies.
  • The best contractors are likely to be fully booked by the time spring arrives.
  • Building materials are harder to find during the busy season.
  • When you can find materials, they’ll likely be more expensive.

Summer: The Most Popular Remodeling Season

Most people come out of the winter holidays with fresh ideas, spend the spring eagerly planning, and are finally ready to break ground in June or July. It is the easiest time of year to begin a kitchen remodel since you can fully embrace grilling season or go on an extended vacation. You will save on furnace and fireplace maintenance in the summer because the demand is lowest.

Pros Of Planning A Summer Remodel

  • Plan to vacation during renovations to minimize your time around the wreckage.
  • The schedule opens up once kids are out of school.
  • Warm weather makes it easy to ventilate your house.
  • Starting in the summer means your home will be ready for the holidays.
  • Picking colors in natural light is crucial to a successful renovation, and long summer days give you plenty of chances to make the right decision.

Cons That Come With A Summer Home Project

  • Your contractor is more likely to make mistakes when managing several similar jobs.
  • If paying for a remodel, daycare, and a long vacation is too much for your budget, then summer may not be the best time for your family.
  • High demand makes it difficult to find available contractors.
  • Peak building season means that prices for materials are the highest of the year.

Is Fall A Bad Time To Remodel A Home?

In many ways, fall is the dark horse of home construction. Most see it as their last chance to break ground on outdoor projects, while the savvy see it as the beginning of the off-season. Fall’s cool, dry air makes excellent working conditions for less glitzy renovations, like installing new floors or exterior painting. It’s also the perfect time of year to finish your attic or basement — adding more living space to your home without increasing your house’s footprint.

Pros Of An Autumn Construction Project

  • With fewer builds to manage, your contractor can work more efficiently.
  • Less busy contractors mean fewer mistakes and backtracking.
  • Lower demand translates to discounts on building materials.
  • It’s easier to find and hire contractors during the off-season.

Cons Of A Late-Season Renovation

  • A rainy fall can be as much of a hindrance as a rainy spring.
  • Any construction delays can push your project into the winter, threatening your holiday plans.
  • Outdoor projects force construction crews to race against the coming cold, especially if you wait till later in the season.

Winter: Best For Interior Renovations

Winter is the most underrated season for home renovations. Foul weather outside doesn’t have to stop you from remodeling the inside of your home. Interior painting, bath remodel, and other interior room remodels are great projects to start in winter. It’s also an excellent time of year to pour concrete and lay foundations for more complex home remodeling projects.

Pros Of A Winter Remodel

  • Winter is the slowest season for contractors, so there’s far less competition to get on their schedules.
  • During the slow season, a contractor can give homeowners more of her time and attention.
  • Cheaper materials due to lower demand.
  • Like in the summer, you can plan renovations during your winter vacation.

Cons Of A Winter Project

  • Renovations will get in the way of holiday celebrations.
  • Construction workers also want to take off for the holidays, so your project may not be complete until after New Year’s Day.
  • Bad weather can cause delays if they prevent the crew from traveling to the site.
  • Cold temperatures and wet weather make most outdoor projects impossible.

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The question of when to start home renovations has one universal answer: after you have planned ahead. The best time to start construction becomes a point of balance between your budget, ideal working conditions for your contractor, and convenience for you. Regardless of where that balance point lies, it’s always better to push back a remodel until you’re fully prepared and confident in your desired goals. If you’re ready to talk with a contractor about remodeling your Las Vegas home, contact Dream Construction today to get started.