The next time you’re ready for an upgrade, plan a unique home improvement project with Dream Construction in Las Vegas. We’re your trusted custom, luxury home builders and local remodeling experts. Taking houses to the next level is what we do best.

Home Remodeling Ideas & Trends

Some home remodels happen out of necessity. Other times, we’re just ready for something new and fresh. We want to love the spaces we have. Why not include some fun remodeling trends and unique living solutions during your next whole home, living room, kitchen, or bathroom remodel.

  1. Utilize The Space Below Your Stairs
  2. Add Hidden, Smart Storage Solutions
  3. Create Beautiful Outdoor Spaces
  4. Attic Or Garage Conversions
  5. Home Office Additions Or Remodels
  6. Make More Room For Guests
  7. Add Safety Features Like More Lights, Balconies, Or Rails
  8. Make Your Kitchen Island Multi-Functional
  9. Add More Kitchen Cabinet Space Higher, Lower, Or Both
  10. Open Up The Bathroom With A New Floorplan

Unique Solutions For Common Problems

Many homeowners begin considering home remodeling when they need to create more space. If your rooms are feeling cramped or cluttered, it’s time to add more storage. Do it professionally and beautifully with customization options from Dream Construction.

  • Upgrade Cabinets & Add Baseboard Drawers
  • Add A Kitchen Island With Wine Storage & A Mini Fridge
  • Add Plumbing For A Pet Bathing Station
  • Add A Mudroom
  • Make A Statement With Built-In Home Office Shelving

Don’t Forget About The Stairs

When reclaiming space in your home, don’t forget about the stairs. Many homes lose a lot of square footage under the stairs. So why not reclaim that space?

  • Add Built-In Shelving For Books & Displays
  • Include A Storage Bench With Pillows For Cozy Reading Nook
  • Integrate Shoe & Sports Equipment Storage Solutions
  • Build A Functional & Efficient Home Office Or Craft Space

That space under the stairs might also make an excellent place for your furry family members. A dog kennel or pet bed can be conveniently tucked away while allowing your four-legged family to remain close to their favorite humans.

Are You Always Entertaining?

If you often host out of town guests or the kids have frequent sleepovers, then turning a spare room into a bunkhouse might be the answer you have been searching for. Several built-in beds with storage space can give you the ability to sleep several people in a relatively small area.

That unused attic space might be the perfect spot to create a reading nook or library. Let us build in closets with shelving for storing those seasonal items and family keepsakes. Or, add a bathroom and make it into a guest room.

Who wouldn’t love to have a “secret room” in their house to get away fro it all? Convert that large game room or family room into two with a sliding bookcase for hidden access. Your guests will be amazed. That is if you choose to tell them it’s there.

Add Convenience & Safety Features

While we’re helping you with larger home renovations, it’s a great time to consider adding extra features for safety and convenience. Our designers, electricians, and plumbers can make the upgrades you’re dreaming of a reality.

  • USB Electrical Outlets & Gadget Charging Stations
  • Jetted Sink & Drying Rack In Laundry Room
  • Extra Recessed Lighting
  • Beautiful Upper Floor Balconies

Your Trusted Las Vegas Contractor

With over 20 years of experience as a general contractor in Las Vegas, Dream Construction can help you with all kinds of unique home renovations. Contact us today for an estimate for your next home remodeling project.