Doing renovations on your Las Vegas home is an excellent investment that can add value and enjoyment for years to come. However, many DIY remodeling projects aren’t as straightforward as on TV, and mistakes can easily cost you a lot of time, money, and stress. Here are some projects that are always worth leaving to the professionals.

  1. Decks
  2. Plumbing
  3. Structural Changes
  4. Electrical Work
  5. Gas Appliances
  6. Weathertight Features

1. Keep Guests Safe With A Sturdy Deck

A haphazardly built deck may cause injuries. We’re not talking about minor things like missing a nail and hammering your thumb. We’re talking about a railing that gives way when someone leans on it or a support beam that collapses during your summer barbecue.

It’s wise to hire a contractor specializing in decks to get the outdoor space of your dreams. The team at Dream Construction knows the ins and outs of different materials and can install a durable deck much quicker and with less hassle than a first-time builder. This way, you’ll be able to start enjoying your new deck sooner and with peace of mind.

2. Prevent Sneaky Leaks With A Professional Plumber

When people think of a bathroom remodel gone wrong, they probably imagine getting drenched by an overflowing sink as they struggle with the pipes. The actual disaster is when sloppy work results in hidden leaks that slowly rot the floorboards or grow black mold inside your walls.

Don’t let a plumbing mishap be the bane of your bathroom renovation. Call in a professional plumber to help do the job right.

3. Knock Down A Wall, Not The Structure

Open floor plans are in, but those annoying kitchen walls might serve a crucial purpose. It could be hiding electrical wires and plumbing or holding up your roof. Even when you know the wall’s purpose, removal isn’t as simple as taking a sledgehammer to it.

Working with a skilled contractor is the safest way to remove walls without significantly damaging your home. At Dream Construction, we know many clever tricks to open a kitchen without compromising the house’s structural integrity.

4. Don’t Get Zapped By Shoddy Electrical Work

While updating your light fixtures or adding a dimmer switch might sound easy, DIY electrical work can pose a safety hazard. For the inexperienced, working with electricity carries a higher risk of serious injury. Even if something initially seems like it’s working, an oversized breaker could result in a house fire should additional demands overload the circuit.

Leave 1000 volts of electricity in the hands of a trained electrician and don’t let complicated wiring compromise your whole system. Make sure any electrical work is grounded with expertise from professionals who do this every day.

5. Hook Up Gas The Right Way

Gas can be even more dangerous than electricity if you don’t know what you’re doing. Making a mistake will leave you breathing in toxic fumes. A gas leak can also lead to an explosion.

Professional contractors know how to handle gas and use the proper safety equipment to decrease potential risk. From installing your new gas fireplace to upgrading your stove, your remodeling contractors can safely seal your gas appliances so they don’t pose a health hazard and work as intended.

6. Install Doors, Windows, & Siding That Withstand All Weather

It’s essential that exterior doors, windows, and siding are installed correctly to perform their proper function. Without a weathertight seal that withstands the elements, water could seep into your house and cause significant damage over time.

Calling in professional installers won’t just save you time and money by doing it right the first time; their quality work enables your new exterior features to serve your home well for years. It could even save you money on utility bills.

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Home renovations can enhance your space and boost its resale value. But some upgrades can become disasters if you try to do them yourself. Hiring a professional can ensure that everything is done safely and is built to the manufacturer’s specifications to stay under warranty. Call the experts at Dream Construction today to get started on your Nevada home remodel.