If you live in Las Vegas and enjoy music, you’ve probably considered hiring a general contractor like Dream Construction to build a home recording studio. Our design-build team can help you plan, design, build, and finish the ultimate at-home music recording and listening room.

  • Choose The Right Space Or Create More Room
  • Install Mood Lighting
  • Install New Flooring
  • Wire For All Your Electronics
  • Add Control Room Windows

Space For A Recording Studio

Finding the right space to remodel into a home recording studio is the first step in this type of renovation project. You’ll want an area that has plenty of room for both sound and control equipment. You’ll also want to be in an area that isn’t close to noisy rooms.

Have your eye on a spare bedroom, basement, garage, or outbuilding? We can install or tear down walls. We can even add to your home or design your new luxury home building plan to include a recording studio from the start.

Your Las Vegas Mood Lighting Contractors

The lighting in your studio is just as important as your sound equipment. Mood lighting can help you or guest artists feel confident and comfortable performing and easily make a regular room feel like a welcoming space.

We can wire for recording studio lights right where you need them, from task lights to spotlights, and make sure you have convenient controls, like dimmers and switches, to change the look of your space in an instant.

Quality, Quiet Flooring Installation

Getting clean sound means reducing as many outside noises as possible. The flooring of your home studio should be made of materials with their effects on your music in mind. We can help you choose your new studio floors and install them expertly.

Electrical Installation – Powering Your Passion

One of the most important features of your home music studio is electricity and your access to it. Our electricians can make sure you have the types and quantities of outlets you need to power all of your sound and recording equipment.

Don’t Forget Control Room Windows

Most home recording studios have two main areas: the soundproof recording room and the control room, which has the mixing board. Your control room is just as important as your recording room, and making sure it has plenty of space for listening and a large window to look into the recording room is essential.

We can divide up a larger space, install windows to bridge two adjoining rooms, or start from scratch in a brand-new home. As a remodeling company and luxury home construction company, we give you options.

Build A Recording Studio In Your Las Vegas Home

If you are looking to build a home recording studio, then Dream Construction can make it happen. We specialize in building custom homes, dream rooms, and home remodeling projects. Contact us today to get started on the recording studio build of your dreams.