If you need a complete home restoration or extensive repairs done in Las Vegas, Dream Construction has the experience and expertise to do it all. We know that disasters can happen anytime in the Las Vegas Valley and its extreme weather. Record-breaking heat, torrential rain, flooding, hail storms, and snow can all cause large-scale damage to your home.

Our licensed and insured team of contractors have been serving Nevada residents and businesses for over 20 years. So, you can trust us to get your property fixed up, cleaned, restored, and looking better than ever.

Restore, Repair, Rebuild

If your home is older, falling apart, or disaster has struck, it’s important to restore, repair, and rebuild. Our team specializes in home repair and restoration for any reason. Dream Construction will inspect every square foot inside and out for all types of damage including damages including plastering, drywall patches, and stucco work. We will come up with the best plan of action and work with you every step of the way.

Upgrading & Add-Ons

Want to install weather-proof insulation during your home restoration to prevent future issues? Not a problem. Want to rebuild bigger and better? We’ve got you covered. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, we want to add back the value and potential of your property, both inside and out. If you’re planning on selling or renting your home, let Dream Construction assist with add-ons and upgrades so you can get the best price on the market and in the neighborhood.

Quality Home Restoration & Repair

Dream Construction In Las Vegas takes pride in providing unmatched customer service and high-quality, efficient home restoration and repair services. Our general contracting team always adheres to OSHA regulations, building laws, and standard safety practices. Don’t let the stress of rebuilding get to you, contact Dream Construction today to restore your property to its full potential.