If you’re considering buying or building a luxury home, chances are you’re curious about the latest home construction trends in Las Vegas or anywhere else. Let’s look at some of the most popular custom home ideas on the market today. We’ll discuss:

  1. Passive Solar
  2. Covered Patios
  3. Luxury Pools
  4. Water-Saving Spas
  5. Four-Season Sunrooms
  6. Desert Decor

1. Top Home Construction Trends: Passive Solar

Passive solar is one of the oldest technologies in the world, pioneered by the Chinese 6,000 years ago. Yet simultaneously, it is one of the most modern trends.

The idea behind passive solar is that the home uses the sun’s angle to heat and cool it, saving energy. Windows and doorways facing south allow low winter sunlight to warm your home. Large eaves block overhead sunlight in hotter months, keeping it shaded and, therefore, cooler.

2. Covered Patios For Indoor-Outdoor Living

Who doesn’t love dining al fresco? Unfortunately, the beating desert sun is often an unwelcome guest, which is where covered patios come in. Built off the kitchen, dining room, or living room, they’re the perfect way to extend your square footage while enjoying the outdoors.

3. Luxury Home Pools

Nothing beauties an outdoor landscape like a sparkling luxury pool. Elements such as underwater mosaics, interesting footprints, tiled walkways, and matching chairs add an extra lift to the vignette.

4. Water-Conserving Spas

Those desert nights are cold, but a spa will warm you. Many of today’s hot tubs are great at recycling water to conserve this precious resource, so look into your options.

5. Custom Home Four-Season Sunrooms

Everyone loves a sunroom – especially the plants. Ensure you get an energy-efficient one that’s insulated for four seasons, so there’s no loss of heat or cooling to the environment. Other fun sunroom features can include

  • Tall windows
  • Interesting architecture in beams and window frames
  • Beautiful tile floors

6. Neutral Tones & High Ceilings

If you live somewhere dry and dusty, why not celebrate the beauty of the desert? High ceilings and neutral tones help you do just that. Marry your indoor “landscape” to the outside for a seamless living experience.

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