Dream Construction builds custom multigenerational homes in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we’ve compiled five reasons to consider one for your family. The past decade has seen a steady rise in the number of multigenerational homes in America, and those numbers continue to rise.

Whether out of necessity or choice, more and more homeowners are turning to multigenerational home builders to help them fit more family members under the same roof without sacrificing flexibility, freedom, or privacy.

What Is A Multigenerational Home?

The US Census Bureau defines a multigenerational home as a household with more than two adult generations living under the same roof or grandparents living with grandchildren who are under 25 years old. For home builders, it means a structure that occupies an architectural middle ground between a single-family house and a multi-family building.

Multi-gen homes often center around communal spaces, like a great room and a large kitchen that bring everyone together. Private suites offer each generation — parents with young children, grandparents, adult children, etc. — independence and quiet time to ensure harmony.

Each suite can include more than just a bedroom and bathroom. Consider a private sitting room, separate outdoor entrance, and a small kitchen to make it feel like an apartment.

Benefits Of Living In A Multi-Gen Home

The emotional benefits that come from multiple generations living together can’t be measured or quantified. There are also some appealing, practical benefits that can save your family money, time, and stress.

  1. Generations can pool resources and share expenses.
  2. Seeing each other every day will strengthen family relationships, which can improve a grandparent’s quality of life.
  3. You have natural security, since a multi-gen home is rarely unoccupied for long, and family members can help the elderly if they have an accident.
  4. Self-contained suites help family members maintain independence, privacy, and self-worth.
  5. You can split chores among more people. Some family members can take care of yard work and physically demanding tasks while others pitch in with child care, laundry, and cooking.

Why Choose Dream Construction?

Our mission is to help homeowners bring their dream home to life. From specific projects, like a kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel, to building new custom homes from the ground up, we’re committed to creating a space you’re happy to live in and enjoy for years to come.

We follow a design-build process that starts with creating a floor plan that’s flexible enough to fit your family’s needs, lifestyle, and budget. When construction begins, we leverage our expertise as well as a trusted network of reputable tradespeople to see the job through.

As your general contractor, we coordinate everything and maintain an open line of communication between you and the on-site crews to make sure construction progresses smoothly and on schedule.

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