Are you ready for a remodel or putting together a wishlist for your new custom home? Make sure to include some of 2021’s trends in kitchen and bath design. The last 12 months have been all about spending more time at home. Why not make sure the rooms you use the most are updated and upgraded to include the very best?

  • High-Tech, Ultra-Hygienic Accents
  • Double Islands
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Marble Backsplashes
  • Gold Fixtures
  • Contemporary Cabinets
  • Kitchen Office Areas
  • Warm Colors For More Comforting Spaces
  • Specialty Kitchens – Tailored To Your Lifestyle
  • Improved Storage For A Roomier Feel

Fancy Fixture Upgrades

Every kitchen and bathroom has a faucet. Make yours stand out with gold metal finishes or hygienic touchless controls. These fancy fixtures are the perfect accent to today’s trendier contemporary look. Clean lines created by marble slab backsplashes and handle-free cabinetry accentuate a feeling of neatness in homes that are feeling more and more lived in.

Warmer Finishes On Walls & Cabinetry

While white is still a trendy color to paint the kitchen, other colors are emerging to challenge its popularity. Various shades of green, including olive, sage, and mint, can give the room a more mellow, soft feeling. Hues of blue like turquoise, navy, and baby can add a calming glow.

From wall shades to countertop and floor tiles – assorted tones of pink, yellow, or gray paint can add a personal touch to your kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchens For More Than Cooking

Work and school have moved to many a kitchen. This calls for super customizations to add versatility and style touches that make you love the hours your spending in this family hub. Built-in cabinetry includes more room for a home office. Double islands do double duty as food prep and lesson prep areas.

With all the added wear and tear, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more easy-to-care-for quartz in the kitchen and bath.

Your Las Vegas Home Customization Contractors

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