Are you planning to buy a new home? You will have many decisions to make. One of the first and most important of these decisions is whether you want to buy a spec home or a custom home. These terms describe two different kinds of newly constructed houses.

What Is A Spec Home?

A spec home (short for “speculative”) is built by a contractor or construction company before anyone has purchased it. The builders choose a basic floor plan, appliances, and features that they hope will appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers.

What Is A Custom Home?

A custom home is the opposite of a spec home. The builder works with the owner to make a truly unique residence. The owner is involved in the process at every step, choosing features and room layouts, and colors.

Pros & Cons Of A Spec House

The most significant advantage of a spec build is simply the time factor. If you need to move in soon, a spec house may be ready within a few months. Because it is so basic and neutral, it will probably cost less than a custom build.

Of course, the biggest disadvantage is simply the fact that the house was built to appeal to such a wide range of buyers that it is not unique to you and may not meet all your needs. Because the house was built quickly, it may be made from lower-quality materials.

Pros & Cons Of A Custom Home

A custom home is uniquely yours. It expresses your personality and fits your lifestyle. The drawback is that building a distinctive house will take almost a year or even longer. You will need to stay in constant contact with your builder throughout the process.

But the advantages outweigh the time factor. You will end up with your dream home, specifically built for you and your needs. The colors, the layout, the landscaping, and all the other details will be just the way you want them.

Options For Your Custom Home

What sorts of decisions will you be making? What elements will you be choosing? Here are a few of the details you will be pondering as you talk with your builder.

Custom Home Builder In Las Vegas, Nevada

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